Rigas Plastika S.A. is active today as an importer and distributor of raw materials and auxiliaries for the plastic industry. Our long lasting involvement exclusively with the thermoplastics’ market has provided us with valued experience which is enjoyed by more than 500 active customers.

Our goal is to provide the plastic industry with an extensive stock of almost any raw material and achieve the ultimate customer satisfaction through our after sales support.

Hence, we maintain a permanent stock of 1,500 M.T. of plastics in our privately owned stock facilities in Rentis, near the port of Piraeus, which handles the sales of Central and South Greece and the islands.

We also serve the market of Northern Greece by our subsidiary company Plastyl S.A. Plastyl was founded in 1993 and is located in Kalochori, an industrial area near Thessaloniki. The company stocks the most common grades of plastic raw materials and its staff will be happy to consult on any plastic raw material requirement.

We believe that plastic is a material with unlimited possibilities, which explains its constant growth. We are involved in trying to establish plastics as an environmental friendly material, not only by promoting its recycling, but also by offering a choice of recycled raw materials.


In 1976, Panos Rigas founded the private company P.N. Rigas & Co, in order to trade raw materials and auxiliaries for the plastic industry.

In 1979, the company was renamed to Rigas Plastika S.A. The company was highly accepted by the market, which lead to a constant growth of sales. By continuing to invest in new technologies, the company set stable bases and secured its position in the market.

Important milestones in the company’s evolution, were the investments in privately owned offices and warehouse facilities in 1982 and 1993 respectively.

The company till today is working with the same customer-centered philosophy, while staying updated with the advancements of its sector.


Rigas Plastika S.A. has high standards concerning the environment and this is reflected both in our everyday operation and in our product range.

The company is promoting recycling of the consumables used in its everyday operation and for the safe and environmental friendly disposal of vehicles, tools and hardware at the end of their life.

Our company’s philosophy is that the plastic material has a second chance through recycling and regeneration and we are trying to establish it as an environmental friendly material. With this intension, in 2006 we have entered the market of regenerated plastic, by supplying the basic grades of plastics in recycled form and lower price.

Hence, we consider that we are trying our best towards a more environmental friendly future.