Plastimek was founded in 1976 and is active as a representative of manufacturers of plastic raw materials. Its goal is to offer the best customer satisfaction by offering advice to the customers while on the same time catering for the establishment of the brand names of the representative firms. The company has been established in the market through its exclusive occupation with the thermoplastics’ market and by keeping in best terms with the representative firms.

The development of the company is closely related with that of Rigas Plastika S.A., which is dealing with distribution and trading of plastics raw materials.


RadiciGroup is one of the major producers of polyamide and polyester engineering plastics with its headquarters in Italy and factories in another four countries. (Brazil, USA, Germany and China) With a full range of products (Radilon, Heramid, Radiflam, Raditer, Heraform and Heraflex). Radici can offer a comprehensive service to the plastic industry through its exhaustive quality control and its constant R&D.

Radici’s products are extensively used in the car industry, electrical and electronic appliances, industrial and commercial products.